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Welcome to BRAVO Rewards Program

Introducing a whole new world of personal rewards, brought to you by Destinations of the World.

Each time you book one of our great deals for your customers you will earn ‘Bravo Points’ to redeem for yourself!

Currently there are more than 2,000 exciting items to choose from.

What do I earn?

As an introductory bonus with each successful booker enrolment you will be credited with an instant 2000 Bravo Points. Just as a thank you for joining.

Additionally, benefit from a 1st Month accelerator of 10% on top of your normal Bravo Points that you will earn on each booking made on DOTWconnect.

Bravo - Where Bookings meet Rewards!

Notice: The Bravo Rewards Program by Destinations of the World is exclusively available to DOTWconnect Bookers. To gain access to this portal please click on Register for Bravo link from the DOTWconnect Portal and follow the simple instructions to join the Program and to start earning today.

Book for customers, reward yourself!

Make a booking, earn points and redeem in thousand of ways.


Browse and select from a range of redemption options categorized for your convenience.

Redeeming has never been simpler



Select from a range of redemption items

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